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What we do

visibility & Learning - INterviews


We conduct interviews with activists and scholars from vegan living oppressed and marginalised groups, to better understand interconnections of oppression, elevate their voices and increase visibility for all those who work on the intersections. You can read our past interviews on our blog.

Likewise, if you know someone who we should definitely talk to, please drop us an email.

Sharing knowledge - Sharing resources


Knowledge is power. When we started this project and began to research more and more about interconnected oppression, we were amazed by how much knowledge is already out there. Therefore we decided to build a list of resources to share what we have found so far. You can find our current list of resources - which include blogposts, talks, books, academic articles, and more - under our resources tab.

If you have any resources that we have missed (we know there are many) and that you would like to share with other's, please drop us an email and we will add them to our list.

getting the word out - Talks


Someone asked us to give a talk and we said yes, so here we are! After a lot of reading, listening and researching we have started to give talks on interconnected oppression in early 2019. In the talks we discuss how different forms of oppression support and sustain each other, mainly focussing on the links between (hetero-)sexism and speciesism. We also share what we have learned from our activism in the animal advocacy, LGBTQIA* and feminist movements and our work in connecting them.

You can find a list of the talks that we will do in the next couple of months as well as their content in our calendar. If you would like us to come and speak at your event, please contact us via email. We are based in Germany in the Frankfurt area, and while we are happy to jump on a train or bus, our reach is limited. When in doubt, ask.

Building networks - Events & Demos


We believe that there is much strength in connecting movements. This is why we aim to build networks between the social justice movements we are involved in by giving talks, attending and representing at animal advoacy, LGBTQIA* and feminist events and demos.

You can find a list of the events that we will attend during the next couple of months - including Pride events and Dyke Marches in Cologne and Berlin - in our calendar. See you on the streets!

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