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our values

Mechanisms of oppression such as - but not limited to – homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, classism, and speciesism, work in similar ways, are interconnected and therefore must be combated together.

The Vegan Rainbow Project advocates for the liberation of all beings from every type of domination, exploitation and discrimination based on arbitrary distinctions such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity. We therefore oppose all forms of oppression.

This includes a consistent anti-speciesist stance that strives for the total abolition of all forms of the so called ‘use’ of nonhuman animals. A vegan way of life is a basic prerequisite for this.

The aim of this project is to challenge and fight against existing systems of oppression. This must include constantly questioning our own thought patterns and privileges. An important part of this process is listening to, learning from, and providing a platform for oppressed and marginalized people. This is why visibility for vegan-living oppressed and marginalized groups is an important part of our activism.


Achieving social justice always requires collective action. Therefore, we strongly reject the idolization of individuals and/or groups.

We believe that we need to connect and integrate different social justice movements in order to achieve total liberation. Connecting movements however can never come at the cost of consistent anti-discriminatory stances and actions. This is why we do not cooperate with anti-emancipatory individuals or groups. In particular, we reject positioning humans as the ‘saviors’ of nonhuman animals, labeling nonhuman animals or other humans as ‘voiceless’, instrumentalizing other forms of oppression (e.g. holocaust comparison), misanthrope statements or those that disdain life (e.g. referring to sentient beings as 'trash' or 'pest'), and creating hierarchies of different forms of oppression to elevate some struggles over and above others.


The Vegan Rainbow Project is an independent team of two queer-lesbian women. We greatly appreciate that people use our stickers or wave our flags to raise visibility and position themselves against all forms of oppression. We do however expect that they also identify with and share our aforementioned values.


Liberation for all beings!

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